All members of the crew based on the Tallinn site strive towards lasting success, in which the cornerstone is customer satisfaction, and therefore we have been keen to prepare a clear policy to help our customers understand the nature of the information we obtain through your dealings with us. We assure you that we pledge to keep this data securely to avoid any future problems.


Our client partner:


By reading the below-mentioned policies, you grant Tallinn and its operators absolute authority to disclose, collect and use your personal data to a limited extent in accordance with the Privacy Policy, and we pledge that it will not be sold to any third party with or without payment.


What is the nature of personal information?


All personal information necessary to complete the registration and purchase process, including but not limited to: name, address, email and phone number.


Financial information, including credit card information or bank account details.


In order to ensure the complete security of our products and other customers, we may have to request proof of customer identity, such as a copy of an ID card, passport, driver's license or other approved identification.


How do we obtain personal information from our customers?


When opening a new account on Tallinn, the client is required to fill in a set of personal data related to the completion of the registration process, provided that the data mentioned is correct and free from lies and misrepresentation.


We obtain the above personal and confidential information through the following sources:


Information that the customer provides us through the website when filling out registration forms, forms and other data entry fields necessary to complete the purchase process.


The recorded data is approved after giving the customer the absolute authority of Tallinn and its administrators to keep it, certify it and share it with trustworthy fraud management bodies to help us analyze this data to prevent any fraud.


As for the financial information, Tallinn officials are fully aware of the confidentiality of credit card data and the need to certify it, so some information is shared with the competent authorities to verify identity and prove the validity and validity of the account, and in order to ensure absolute security, we disclose only the last 6 digits of the credit card And store the rest of the financial data using completely secure encryption.


The purpose of sharing this data is to identify customers and verify their eligibility to reduce fraud, criminal activities and other financial risks.


The customer is responsible for updating the personal data in the event of changing any of the basic personal information (such as the name, address or phone number), and Taleen website and its operators are not responsible for any losses arising from the failure of the purchase process due to the change of this data and the failure of the customer to update it.


How to protect personal data and confidential information


Tallinn and its operators undertake to treat the account information of our customers with a high level of security and protection, and to prevent access, use or disclosure of it without prior authorization.


However, these levels of protection may never be 100% effective, unless the customer follows the security policies of using the sites and is careful not to share personal account data in Tallinn with anyone else, and ensure that this data is changed immediately if you are in doubt about its disclosure Unauthorized access to it.